A new blog and yet more words but increasingly for me God is silent.  For some the statement “God is silent” will be taken to imply that God is absent.  But the very opposite is meant.  The sheer, utter, immeasurable silence of God, holding everything in a love which is beyond all words.  This silence is the assurance of God’s presence and an affirmation of God’s faithfulness.  With God there is a deep and truly companionable silence.  God knows I am here and I know God is with me; in the silence we are enfolded one in the other.  Neither of us needs to say anything; to be in each other’s presence is enough.  God in me.  I in God.  The silence of God upholds me, calms and clarifies my troubled mind and refreshes and restores my burdened soul.  God need offer no explanation; it is enough that God is – the great I AM.  Words can only distract and confuse.  All that is required is to be truly, deeply aware of each other. Words will only ever give a pale shadow of this encounter.  In this encounter with the Mystery in, within and beyond all things, silence is the only adequate response, and in that silence to discover the Divine Silence which is at the heart of all things.  All the words of this blog will only ever be as in a mirror dimly as they try – and no doubt often fail – to point to the wondrous mystery that is God.