Some want to sing of a God who is so strong and so mighty, but I have learnt to kneel before a God who is powerless.  Such is the nature of a God of love.  When our loved ones are struggling we long to help them, long to intervene and make it better, to take away their pain or what ever is troubling them.  The reality is that, more often than not, even though it breaks are heart, we are powerless to do anything.  All we can do is tell them we love them.  It seems such an inadequate thing but it is such an important thing.

In the same way God hangs upon a tree, the divine arms nailed wide in an eternal embrace of all creation.    It is love that brings God to this moment and in this moment the true nature of God is revealed.  In this most visible sign of God’s powerlessness, everything is changed and nothing will ever be the same again; this powerlessness is transformative. God gives up all power that God may more fully and completely love us. Amidst the highs and lows of our daily lives, God comes to us in love.  Understanding this means we know we are never ultimately alone and it is the knowledge and experience of this that helps us endure.  When life starts to crumble I look not to a God who will intervene but to put my hand into the hand of the One who loves me and then together to walk forward to embrace what ever will be.

It is through God’s love not God’s might that I know I will endure.