Andrew White, vicar of St George’s Church, Baghdad, fights back the tears as he is asked by John Humphrys if we are seeing the end of the Church in Iraq.  ISIS ordered all Christians to leave the city of Mosul within 24hrs or convert to Islam or face execution.  Those who leave are allowed to take nothing with them.  Andrew tells of one woman who even had her wedding ring snatched from her.  What is it that breeds such hate in the human heart?  How can human beings become so alienated from each other that they can behave in such terrible ways?  Whenever any philosophy, faith or political ideology becomes dismissive of “the other”, then it has become less than human and must be resisted. Similarly we must learn to protect our own hearts from being dismissive or rejecting of those that are “other” to us.  When we exclude or deride those who are different from us we let into our hearts the germ that grew to infect Mosul.