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On Monday evening we will pause and remember the start of the First World War.  Our local war memorial lists 64 names, 25% of the then eligible male population.  It was said to be the war to end all wars yet in the peace treaty that brought the conflict to an end were sown the seeds for the Second World War. And in 1945 the peace left Europe divided and despite the Velvet Revolution, the bringing down of the Iron Curtain, we still live with the consequences today as witnessed in Ukraine.  Meanwhile Israel asserts its right to exist and to defend itself from continuing rocket attacks but the fear must be that with every shell that falls on Gaza, every civilian that is killed, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is perpetuated.

As we turn off the lights in our homes on Monday evening to remember the beginning of World War One, I will be praying that even yet humanity will find another way to resolve its differences.  Blessed be the peacemakers.