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In the Scottish Independence campaign it was always going to be easier to promote “yes” rather than “no”.  Saying “yes” has a vision, an energy, an excitement about it. “No” feels restricting and controlling, even finger wagging, and at times that is exactly how the No campaign has felt.

In an age when individualism, localism and nationalism are seen as values to be cherished, the idea of “better together” seems to go against the mood of our times. Yet tribalism and denominationalism blight our world.  Iraq is almost too late waking up to the reality that it is better together.  Across the Middle East only when nations learn they are better together will there be peace.  It is in harnessing our diversity that humanity can thrive.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we are aware as never before as to how much we need each other.  Our survival depends on affirming the things that unite us rather than stressing the things that divide us.  No matter how Scotland votes, on this small planet, floating in the vastness of the universe, humankind’s future depends on us knowing we are better together.