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Archbishop Justin has caught the headlines by saying he has moments when he doubts God’s existence.  Standing gazing up at the stars in Northumberland’s Dark Sky Park I found myself doubting my own existence.  Faced with the sheer vastness of the universe, there was no problem believing in God, but I was conscious of my utter insignificance and the minuteness of my own sense of being.  Looking up at worlds upon worlds, my presence seemed of no importance or significance, less than a pinprick in the canvass of creation.  The idea that the Creator of all this knows me, and even loves me, is beyond my comprehension; this is the real miracle at the heart of creation.  Wrapped in visions of the Milky Way, mesmerised by a billion lights, contemplating that there is a God who believes, in the midst of this vastness, in my existence, my soul is stilled and silent – quite literally awe-struck.