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A mother-of-two who made a desperate plea in her local newspaper for a kidney donor has received a transplant from a stranger who read of her story.  When asked how she felt on hearing the news of the stranger’s life-saving gift she is quoted as saying, “There are no words”.

Contrast this with the contestants in a competition such as the X Factor who use every cliché in the book.  They describe their experience variously as “amazing”, “life changing”, “unbelievable” and of course they have all “been on a journey” which has been “a real roller coaster”.  Emotions are endlessly hyped until the tears flow and their words become so much white noise, draining the words they utter of any real value.

In the face of real life-changing events so often “there are no words” and whilst it may not satisfy the needs of 24hour news, learning to be silent before life’s great events is the beginning of wisdom.  The world is not advanced by the instant sound bite but by considered reflection – and when words are required they need to be chosen with the utmost care and consideration, weighed so they are not found wanting.

And actions do so often speak louder than words.  If this kidney gift story moved you, then do not wait until you read another similar story in your local paper but join the donor register now: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk