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The news has been full of too many deaths in recent days, each in their own way senseless and each speaking to deeper failings within our global village.

On the M25 a man is accidentally run over while trying to escape from under the same lorry in which he had been hiding to gain access into this country.  The vehicle he hoped would bring him to freedom brought tragically only death.  It is hard to imagine the sheer desperation that makes people, each day, consider taking such a risk to try to gain entry into this country.

Some blame poor border security, others blame the European Union, yet others complain of an over generous benefit system.  There is, of course, a legitimate place for a debate on sustainable levels of immigration, but in the end as long as there is inequality of wealth, opportunity and security there will always be the pressures of immigration.  If my home had been destroyed in Syria,  if I was struggling to find enough food to feed my family in Somalia, if I was unemployed in Rumania, I would do anything to improve my family’s lot and I would think longingly of living in a country such as Britain.

We talk too quickly and too glibly of “our country”, yet the earth is Lord’s and all that dwell there in.  We may be inclined to complain about the state of the country, yet compared to the way most live in this global village, we are deeply privileged to be living when and where we are – and with that privilege comes responsibility. Whilst we have much and others have little, there will always be those who take terrifying risks in search of a better life and greater dignity.  Only a more just and equal sharing of the earth’s resources, only peace with justice, not better border controls, will bring an end to the tales of desperation such as that which led to this tragic death on the M25.