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For six years the Bristol Channel has been my neighbour with the second highest difference between high and low tide anywhere in the world.  The resulting powerful currents demand respect from all who sail its waters.  Some see only the resulting muddy coloured churning waters but for those who can really see, these rhythmic waters point beyond themselves to a greater power at work in creation.

Moving from West to East, my neighbour now is one of the most complete examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe, standing tall and imposing and inviting exploration.  Some see only a place of heritage; another tourist destination, but for those who can really see, with its daily rhythm of worship, here is a building which points beyond itself to something greater shaping our loves.

And when people meet you and I as their neighbours, what do they see?  Do they encounter individuals wrapt up in their own cares and concerns or do they see through  warm acceptance, unexpected generosity and unlooked-for kindness, people who point beyond themselves to the unconditional love of God?

Our calling is to be a presence in the world that points beyond ourselves to the One who is the Heart of all things.