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How do we live under Tory rule?  Clearly many are delighted to be doing this as they voted for them and gave them their parliamentary majority.  Others have already taken to the streets in anti-austerity protests.

The answer of how to live is the same regardless of who won the election – we have to live the as if the Kingdom of God had already been established.  We are called to live by Kingdom values amidst all the complications, compromises and confrontations of modern living.  This is our prophetic witness: to both point towards how the world should be and to help shape the world to become all that it could be.

However the next five years of government may unfold, we have to affirm those things which are good (and no government is all bad) and challenge those things which are wrong (and no government is all good).

And knowing when to affirm and when to challenge will always depend on the extent to which, the poorest, the most vulnerable, the stranger, the outsider, the sick and the aged are placed at the centre of our society.  It is by the treatment of the least that any society or government must be judged.

In the Kingdom of God all find a welcome and acceptance, all have equal worth and value, all have a part to play.  It is against these values that any government (regardless of colour) must be judged. It is in our integrity in witnessing to these values that our lives will be judged.