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Jesus stood on the beach looking out to the overcrowded boat being towed into shore and turning to the crowd he began to teach them saying: The longing for the Kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a man who longed to live in a foreign land.  He sold all that he had to buy a passage in a boat.  The journey was long and hard and many around him did not survive the journey.  When finally the man arrived in that foreign land, there was no rejoicing, for he knew that with his arrival the journey for all that he longed had only just begun.

Later his disciples asked him to explain the parable and Jesus said to them: You say you long for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, but I ask how far will you go to bring it in.  You say you long for a world where people no longer die sailing the seas in search of a new beginning but I ask how far are you willing to go to make that world happen?