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In every General Election and Local Election I have ever voted in the candidate of my choice did not get elected. And this is the reality of democracy.  Often the people you support do not get in and the people you did not want to get in, do. Currently there is no political party that I feel I could support wholeheartedly and if there is an early General Election I have no idea who I would vote for.

Despite all of this I do not feel disenfranchised.  Frustrated and disappointed yes, but at least I had the chance to vote. I would rather live in a democracy where I never get what I voted for than live under a dictator.  Democracy is far from perfect but it is better than any of the other options.

There was nothing about Donald Trump that I liked.  Much that he said caused me grave concern yet alone the way he actually chose to say it.  Everything I have read and heard makes me feel he is far from suited to be the President of one of the most powerful countries on the planet.  But in the end he was the man elected to office and no amount of protestors saying “not my president” can or should change that.

Once again the political and media establishment express shock and surprise at the result but this only confirms how distant they have become from ordinary voters.  As with Brexit too many people feel they have been overlooked and ignored for too long.  They experience life very differently from the traditional Washington/Westminster bubble.

The issue is not whether you approve or disapprove of the election of Donald Trump (he has been elected so we have to deal with it) rather the issue is what is the result trying to tell us and how will we ensure in future that the overlooked are seen and the ignored given proper attention.

When the politicians you do not want are elected and policies are adopted that you feel certain are wrong there is only one response – love more.  Tempting as it is to head for the barricades, the lasting answer is the reach out, build bridges, to listen, to seek to understand or, simply put, to love more. Where love really counts is where life is not going well and the people around me are not my kind of people.

The shocking gospel message is that Donald Trump is beloved of God.  It does not mean I have to approve all he says and does but it does change how I respond to him.

There is a new reality here, like it or not, which I have to learn to live with.  Moaning or silently shaking my head achieves nothing.