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After the past week in Parliament it is tempting to want to write a comment, to add to the host of words already written.  Everybody seems to want to have their say, to add their two-pennyworth to the on-going saga that is our political life in 2019.

How should we respond to the daily evolving events that everyone seems helpless to change or stop? Despite growing feelings of helplessness that many feel, we must never forget that Christians have always affirmed the value of the small act – the power of the yeast in the dough.

So, may we be encouraged to remember that all members of Parliament are beloved of God, as are indeed all members of the human family.  We are brothers and sisters under God and must not demonise others – even if they demonise us.

Never forget the importance of prayer. Not the type of prayer that seeks to get God on our side but that which genuinely holds a situation, our confusion, our uncertainty, our powerlessness, before God.  In the midst of the storm it is the importance of standing silently before God – and waiting.

And if we are to ask anything of God, then let it be a prayer for wisdom – deep wisdom.  When in a stuck place it is only divine wisdom that can save us – a wisdom that may often seem foolish to the wise.

Then when we are tempted to react to the latest development in this seemingly never ending story, may we each take time to pause, to see the weakness in our own argument and to see what it may be we can learn from the comments of those with whom we most disagree.

Perhaps precisely because so much is being said by so many, we each need to learn to say less and then only speak words which are healing, making sure our words do not hurt, divide or judge.

A frail offering in a stormy sea perhaps but surely it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Enough words; time to stop. No comment; just prayers.